Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Karnel Hudson, a loving mother, wife, daughter, sister, and teacher left this world on November 20, 2012.

She was also member of a online running group of women over 40.  She inspired all of us, she listened to our joys and woes, she made each of us feel as if the smallest run/walk/work out was an amazing feat - because for her, every event was valued and valuable.  We miss her dearly.

So we have created a virtual event to honor Karnel's positive spirit and to benefit her family.

In keeping with Karnel's wonderful belief that every workout, every run or walk counted there is no specific method or distance to be completed to participate as one of Karnel's Amazing People. Always an inspiration to others and inspired by the efforts of others, Karnel will be cheering from above.

We also know that Karnel loved sharing her joy of movement with others so there is no specific location.

Please add a photo of yourself before, during or after your event to this page as one of Karnel's Amazing People. If possible include the graphic pictured here for the event. 

Maybe holding it, pinned to your shirt, or pinned to a hat. Have fun with the idea of showing off that YOU are one of Karnel's Amazing People. Through her kindness, selflessness, and ability to lift others, she has touched so many both near and far, young and old, big and small. Let's create a pictorial display of how far and wide her light shone.

When: Your event could be anytime during the 2 weeks surrounding Karnel's birthday on February 5.
Where: Anywhere. Treadmill, road, gym track, wooded trail, or even your own living room.
What counts: Walk, run, crawl, climb stairs, jump, swim, bike, hike, do sit ups... it all counted to Karnel so will all count here. You decide what you will challenge yourself with, be photographed with picture/graphic at your event, and upload your photo here. Know that Karnel would be the first to say "good job!"
Cost: No cost but your remembrance donation will go directly to Karnel's family. 

Donations: Donations can be made via PayPal (link at top of page) or directly to  Karnel's sister-in-law, Fayette Adams,  
8076 SR 61 
United States

Checks can be made out to Fayette Adams, who is collecting all donations for the family.

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